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COP28 – Global Stocktake on Paris Agreement Progress

Background: COP28 will host a critical discussion on the first-ever global stocktake, evaluating collective progress towards the Paris Agreement’s goals. The September 2023 synthesis report of the global stocktake technical dialogue by the UNFCCC crystallizes the sobering reality of the …

Paris Agreement

Paris Agreement Withdrawal FAQ

Learn more about the implications of the United States' withdrawal from the Paris Agreement We’ve put together some common questions and answers on a Paris pullout: How does withdrawing from the Paris Agreement work? Could the U.S. rejoin the Paris …
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U.S. and China Formally Join Paris Agreement

The U.S. and China Finally Join the Paris Agreement The United States and China formally joined the Paris Agreement on climate change today, committing the world’s two biggest emitters to keep warming below 2˚C, with best efforts to limit warming …

With Europe on Board, Paris Climate Agreement Takes Effect

With the EU joining the Paris Agreement, this groundbreaking global deal has crossed both thresholds required to enter into force. This is one of the fastest ever 'entry into force’ of a comprehensive, multilateral treaty. With some of the world’s largest …
Historic Climate Agreement Finalized in Paris

Historic Climate Agreement Finalized in Paris

The final two-part agreement is 31 pages, down from the 86 pages agreed to last February in Geneva. The agreement consists of two parts: a formal text (11 pages) that houses the durable provisions and principles of the accord, known …

Financial Markets Poised for Post-Paris Shift

Financial Markets Poised for Post-Paris Shift

Following the adoption of the Paris Agreement, financial analysts advised clients about the long-term signal that the agreement’s provisions sent to the markets.

Statements in Support

Statements in Support of the US INDC

Experts on climate change policy speak in support of the US contribution to the UNFCCC process and the Paris Agreement.

Climate Negotiations

COP 20 Climate Negotiations Wrap: Background and Next Steps

On Sunday, December 14, 2014, UN climate negotiations closed in Lima, Peru with negotiators agreeing to text that will form the basis for a new international agreement expected next year in Paris. The Lima decision sets the foundation for a Paris agreement that can move the world closer to a clean energy pathway that avoids catastrophic impacts of global warming.

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COP28: Issues and Expected Storylines

COP28 Storylines Last updated: November 20, 2023 The United Arab Emirates will host the 28th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP28) in Dubai, from Thursday, Nov 30 to Tuesday, Dec 12, 2023. Global leaders, environmental advocates, the private …