For communities across the United States facing flooding and drought, water is the leading edge of climate change. But climate change is not the only threat to a just and resilient water future. Pesticides, fertilizer and other chemicals are polluting drinking water and making rivers and lakes unswimmable or fishable. Forests and wetlands are giving way to parking lots and feedlots. Lead pipes and outdated treatment plants leave many communities without clean and reliable water. Meanwhile, the cost of this basic necessity is rising, making water bills unaffordable for some families. 

In order to build the public and political will to solve these complex challenges, we need to raise the profile of water as an economic, health, and social justice issue, in addition to an environmental one. That is why Climate Nexus has created the Water Hub, a new program designed to advance water-smart policies and programs by supporting the communications efforts of advocates and experts. 

Focused initially on the American West, the Water Hub will work with partners and journalists to shine a light on the water challenges confronting communities from the Western Slope of Colorado to the Verde Valley in Arizona and urban Southern California, as well as the steps these places are taking to protect clean water and prepare for a future with more extreme weather. We will take a big picture view, focusing on regional narratives that speak to shared concerns and build support for solutions. 

Like other programs at Climate Nexus, the Water Hub will work to increase the visibility of partner organizations by supporting strategy, earned and digital media, training, and creative content needs. 

For more information about the Water Hub, please contact Managing Director Nicole Lampe at [email protected].

Water Hub is a project of Climate Nexus.