Climate Change Issues

Climate change has an impact on nearly every part of our lives: the food we eat, the air we breathe, the safety of our homes and businesses. Man-made emissions have led to increased global temperatures, and this warming puts our homes, health, food supply and natural environment at risk.

At the same time, human activities – the ways we produce and consume energy and food – continue to contribute to climate change. By understanding how we are causing warming, we have the opportunity to identify actions needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and slow climate change.

Climate justice insists on a shift from a discourse on greenhouse gases and melting ice caps into one centered on racial justice with the people and communities most vulnerable to the impacts at its heart.

Technological innovation, market forces and the will for climate action are changing the ways we generate and use energy.

Our favorite foods may be in danger as a result of climate change. At the same time, changes to our diet may help curb methane emissions.

Medical and public health officials understand that climate change is a serious threat to human health.

Science not only provides the evidence that climate change is happening, it also tells us how it is affecting our environment.

The business and investor community acknowledge the risks climate change poses to them and seek market-based approaches to address the threat.