Every day, Climate Nexus helps elevate the stories of the people impacted by climate change and those driving the energy transition. None of this work would be possible, however, without our team. We bring our collaborative energy to everything we do, including our work with the media, non-profits, community organizations, business leaders, scientists and many others.

We strive to create a safe, diverse and inclusive workplace. We welcome people of all gender identities, races, sexual orientations, physical or mental abilities, ethnicities, religions, ages, and perspectives. We believe striving for diversity, equity and inclusion is key to the fight for climate justice and the success of the climate movement itself.

Current Job Openings

Image of person clicking through a checklist glass screen with a computer behind the screen representing the Senior Director, Strategic Communications (Campaigns)

Senior Director, Strategic Communications (Campaigns)

Climate Nexus is looking for a Senior Director, Strategic Communications (Campagins) to join our team.

Image of Methane burning at a flare stack in rural America adds a harmful greenhouse gas to the atmosphere | Image used for the Senior Director, Strategic Communications (Campaigns) job post @Climate Nexus

Associate Director of Campaigns, Methane Accountability

Climate Nexus is seeking an Associate Director of Campaigns, Methane Accountability, to join our team.

Hands holding a tablet device with climate changes symbols coming out of the tablet, representing the Director, Clean Transportation Communications job post for Climate Nexus

Director, Clean Transportation Communications

Climate Nexus is seeking a Strategic Communications Director to join our Energy Transition team.

Current Internships

No internships are available at the moment.