Listening and Learning

We recognize the connection between racism and climate change, and will continue amplifying the voices of Black leaders asserting the right to breath, life and liberation. We do this in solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives and because we acknowledge the need to deepen our own understanding.  But, we recognize the work does not end there. We cannot solve the climate crisis with the same exclusive and extractive systems that created it. 

The current protests and pandemic have brought new urgency to an evolution that was already underway at Climate Nexus. In considering how we can put our communications tools and capacity to work for the Black Lives Matter movement, we’ve bumped up against some long-standing gaps in skills, staffing and relationships. We are committed to working through these challenges to ensure Climate Nexus can be of greatest service to groups and communities on the frontlines of climate impacts moving forward. We are actively listening and our understanding is evolving, as will this statement.

Mission, Purpose, and Values

Our purpose is to… 
…galvanize America’s will to act by telling the stories of people impacted by or fighting to halt climate change.

Our mission is to…
… change the conversation to inspire, inform, and elevate constructive and equitable action on climate change.

Our values guide us by humbly practicing and honoring…

  • Strategic Vision/Perspective 
  • Accuracy with Integrity
  • Compassionate Connection
  • Resilient Service 

With the aspirations for…

  • Global Transformation
  • Universal Flourishing

Our Values, in Practice:

Strategic Vision
We balance strategic vision with thoughtful perspective. We work hard to couple cold-eyed analysis and strategy with big-picture perspective and nimbleness to elevate climate conversations.

Accuracy and Integrity
We commit to accuracy with integrity. We responsibly deliver timely, expert communications based on scientific fact, uplifting the truths that Indigenous peoples, frontline organizations, and communities of color have to share.. We strive for balance, precision, and clarity and work to share information in an accessible way.

We practice connection with a willingness to listen, learn, reflect, grow, change, and be changed. We promise compassionate collaborations so that we may communicate with humility and vulnerability.

We serve the climate community while prioritizing patience and persistence, compassion and humanity. We will humbly support those who want to advance the mission with solidarity because every action moves us toward our mutual mission.

We aspire to a just transformation of the systems that drive climate change for the betterment of all, while prioritizing communities and peoples most impacted and recognizing there are many definitions of justice. While there will be setbacks, dark days, and discomforts, we will remain resilient and find hope in the work. We will practice our values in honor of our mission and we will celebrate our successes.

Universal Flourishing
We aspire to a universal flourishing–a just and equitable world where  all people have access to safe water, clean air and a stable climate. We will balance knowledge with listening, empathy, inclusion, humility and responsibility. 

Climate Nexus is a sponsored project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors,
a 501(c)3 organization.