Trump's "Energy Independence"

Understanding Trump’s “Energy Independence” EO

On March 28, President Trump signed a broad executive order taking aim at several Obama-era energy and environmental safeguards. The order will seek to undo or rollback an array of regulations: Clean Power Plan: Trump will likely ask the EPA …
Climate Change Denier

So You’re Interviewing a Climate Change Denier…

In recent years, it had become less and less necessary to treat climate change deniers (no, not skeptics) as serious or influential. Their position runs so contrary to established, mainstream science that their opinion was irrelevant and predictable, and giving …
Economics of Keystone XL

Economics of Keystone XL

A Summary of Expert Analyses Introduction The Obama administration’s decision on whether to approve construction of the Keystone XL pipeline will affect the United States’ climate and energy future. In June, President Obama said he would only approve the pipeline if experts …

Companies Dropping ALEC

The exodus from the corporate lobby group known as the American Legislative Exchange Council (or ALEC) continues, with Rupert Murdoch-owned publisher News Corp. joining oil manufacturer Occidental Petroleum and International Paper as the latest companies to make their split public. Linda Peterson of Occidental said the company was concerned it could be “presumed to share” ALEC’s position on climate change.

More Momentum on Climate Change from the G20 Summit

More Momentum on Climate Change from the G20 Summit

Climate Change Call to Action Issued at Close of G20 This weekend’s G20 Summit capped a week of exciting developments on climate change. The summit concluded with the release of a communique emphasizing G20 countries’ commitment to “strong and effective action to …
Clean Power Plan

Fact-Checking Clean Power Plan Claims

Now that it is finalized, the Clean Power Plan will be an important part of the public discussion on climate change. Unfortunately, some claims may stray from the truth, so we’ve compiled some resources to make fact-checking easier.