Countries Convene to Tackle Runaway Shipping Emissions

Starting on April 9th, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) will meet for the 72nd session of the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) in London, where delegates are expected to agree on an initial strategy for reducing climate pollution in the international shipping sector. The shipping …

2017 Climate Impacts Around the World

Following on from our list of Top 10 Climate Events in the U.S., we have compiled the list below of the biggest climate change impacts of 2017 across the globe. ICE RETREAT MARCHES TO THE POLES On July 12, after …


4th U.S. National Climate Assessment: What Is It?

Background The U.S. National Climate Assessment is a regular science report by 13 federal agencies, mandated by Congress to inform the nation and our government about climate change. The Fourth National Climate Assessment (NCA4), Volume II documents how climate change …

4th U.S. National Climate Assessment Vol. I: Notable Findings

Below are selected highlights and excerpts from Volume 1 of the 4th U.S. National Climate Assessment by the U.S. Global Change Research Program, published on November 3, 2017.   Report Highlights The report concludes “it is extremely likely that human …
Clean Power Plan

Fact-Checking Clean Power Plan Claims

Now that it is finalized, the Clean Power Plan will be an important part of the public discussion on climate change. Unfortunately, some claims may stray from the truth, so we’ve compiled some resources to make fact-checking easier.


Grazing Cattle and Climate Change

How do cattle drive climate change? Cattle are a type of mammal called ruminants, which are able to break down plants rich in cellulose by fermenting and digesting them in a multi-part specialized stomach. This “enteric fermentation” process allows them …
Harvey, Sign of Climate Change

Harvey & Climate Change: A Comprehensive Guide

The science of attributing extreme weather to climate change is complicated and developing every day. Here’s a guide of what we know about the links between climate change and Harvey to help unpack the elements that contributed to this historic …