Harvey, Sign of Climate Change

Harvey & Climate Change: A Comprehensive Guide

The science of attributing extreme weather to climate change is complicated and developing every day. Here’s a guide of what we know about the links between climate change and Harvey to help unpack the elements that contributed to this historic …

solar panels clean energy jobs

Where the Clean Energy Jobs Are: 2017

Click here for the most recent data released in March 2020. Over 3 million people currently work in wind, solar, efficiency and other fields, according to the Energy Department's 2017 US Energy and Employment Report. For a detailed breakdown on …
Public Health

How Extreme Weather Impacts Public Health

More extreme natural disasters are already impacting people Climate change is already impacting the lives of many, right here and right now. The fingerprints of global warming can be found on natural disasters ranging from intense wildfires and frequent floodings, …

The Localized Health Impacts of Fossil Fuels

From extraction to combustion, fossil fuel operations put human health at serious risk Environmental harm is often accepted as the necessary exchange for jobs and other benefits provided by the fossil fuel industry. But this often doesn’t take into account …
Public Health

How Air Quality & Pollution Impact Public Health

Climate change reduces the air quality, and thus, people's health Greenhouse gas emissions, including ozone (O3), carbon dioxide (CO2) and particulate matter from fossil fuels, not only cause climate change but also pollute the breathable air, causing many public health …
Extreme Heat

How Extreme Heat & Heatwaves Impact Public Health

Extreme heat causes more deaths than any other natural disaster Exposure to extreme heat and heatwaves is already a significant public health problem and a leading cause of weather-related mortality in the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention defines …

The Fight to Put a Value on Rooftop Solar Power

Advancements in technology have enabled consumers to install solar panels on their roofs more cheaply than ever before. This presents utility companies—which have for decades monopolized the energy markets—with new challenges.