Communicating Climate Justice Collaborative Members

Our Members The Communicating Climate Justice Collective has grown to include 162 communities, grassroots organizations, tribes, and faith groups across the United States. We hope you’ll check them out, below. var Airtable = require(‘airtable’); var base = new Airtable({ apiKey: …

U.S. Coastal Cities Show Strong Support for Offshore Wind

Offshore Wind and Whales: How Fossil Fuel Networks Are Spreading Disinformation and How the Offshore Wind Industry is Working to Protect Marine Wildlife 

Marine scientists have affirmed that there have been no instances of whale deaths that could be credibly linked to U.S. offshore wind development. But anti-offshore wind actors with documented ties to the oil & gas industry has been swift to exploit these tragedies to halt offshore wind and protect fossil fuel profits.

Meet Our Energy Equity Program Grantees

Meet our Energy Equity Grantees In 2021, Climate Nexus launched an Energy Equity Regranting Project to help resource organizations, tribes, and community leaders on the frontlines of climate change and the impactful work they are doing to fight the gas …

Earth Care featured image

Earth Care

Earth Care is fighting false solutions like hydrogen and carbon capture, and is building public awareness of the health dangers of fracking.

rise to thrive logo featued image

Rise to Thrive

Rise to Thrive builds community among Women and Femmes of Color across the country to catalyze a shift of power within the environmental movement.

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RENEW Worcester

RENEW Worcester advances energy projects that prioritize communities and the buildout of affordable, renewable energy.

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Viet Voices

Viet Voices educates San Diego’s Vietnamese community about sustainability, environmental health, and accessible housing.