Dry field with a lake that is drying up, sky with clouds. Climate Sensitivity

Climate Sensitivity

One thing scientists are still working to figure out is exactly how much warming each ton of CO2 causes. This is called the climate’s “sensitivity” to CO2.

Plant field and black sky photo with orange filter to show climate change

Long-term Look at Climate Change

It has fallen upon climate scientists to develop the technical sophistication and to employ the research methods necessary to understand climate variables, how they change across time and space, and the degree of human-caused climate disruption.

Photo of a coal factory with a blue sky (Geoengineering)

Geoengineering Basics

Human Intervention and Climate Change The final installment of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) focuses on solutions and strategies for mitigating climate change. Some coverage of the report (called Working Group III or WGIII) has drawn attention to strategies …
Picture of Building between trees and blue sky

Energy Efficiency

Improving the Building Sector Buildings in the U.S. consume a great deal of energy, yet much of that energy is wasted through inefficency – windows or building ducts that leak heated or cooled air, lights and electric equipment that lose …