Arctic Outbreak and Extreme Lake-Effect Snowfall

While global temperatures are shaping up to make 2014 the hottest year on record, the U.S. has endured over a week of unseasonably wintry conditions due to atmospheric blocking – a large scale pressure pattern with little or no movement – that has led to a sustained outbreak of record cold mid-November Arctic air.

President Obama in the COP20

COP20 Comes to a Close

COP20 comes to a close today. World leaders conducted the largest international climate change meeting ever, with 162 countries and 125 heads of state or government represented. Leaders affirmed a common wish to reach an international agreement in Paris next …
Close up photo of small snow mountain with the sun and mountains in the background. New Record for Temperature

New Record for Temperature Whiplash

U.S. temperature extremes in 2014 have been exceptional—with record heat in the West and cooler than average temperatures in the East—and many scientists think climate change may be contributing. Temperature extremes occur when regions experience temperatures at the top or bottom 10% of the historical range of recorded values.

Photo of three mascots skiing at the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia

Snow in Sochi

Above-average temperatures in Sochi are causing delays, injuries, and more at Olympic skiing and snowboarding events.