Massachusetts is vulnerable to increasing temperatures, floods and droughts, and coastal flooding Massachusetts’s climate …


Connecticut is vulnerable to increasing temperatures, floods and droughts, and coastal flooding Connecticut’s climate …

International Climate Issues

International Climate Issues Climate change is a truly global issue, and fighting climate change …

Soil Carbon Storage

The world’s soils hold a significant amount of carbon – more than double the …


Social Cost of Carbon

The social cost of carbon” (SCC) estimates the monetary cost to society from the damage caused by each additional metric ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) released into the atmosphere, due to climate change impacts.


Editorial and Opinion Writers Respond Positively to COP21 Outcome

From November 22 to December 17, Climate Nexus tracked domestic op-eds and editorials reacting to COP21 in Paris. Editorial boards were largely supportive of the outcome and process of the summit, with over four times more positive than negative editorials. Similarly, for op-eds, the positive outweighed the negative by a factor of three (methodology below).


Synthesis Report

The final installment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) Fifth Assessment Report …

Sea Levels

Sea Level Rise

Sea levels are rising rapidly Sea levels have risen between eight to ten inches …
Tipping Points

Ice Sheet Tipping Points

Pushing global temperatures past these thresholds can trigger irreversible changes even if we do not add any further CO2 to the atmosphere. These changes may be abrupt or may take hundreds of years, but once the threshold is passed they cannot be reversed.

Ocean Acidification

Ocean Acidification

Ocean acidification threatens the marine food web and coastal communities.


Climate Change and Sports

As the world warms, one often overlooked issue is its effects on sports and recreation. While not as life-threatening as extreme weather or as costly as droughts, climate change’s impacts on sports is something that’s becoming increasingly common.

Extreme Heat

Extreme Heat

One of the clearest findings of climate science is that global warming amplifies the intensity, duration and frequency of extreme heat events.