The Localized Health Impacts of Fossil Fuels

From extraction to combustion, fossil fuel operations put human health at serious risk Environmental harm is often accepted as the necessary exchange for jobs and other benefits provided by the fossil fuel industry. But this often doesn’t take into account …

The Fight to Put a Value on Rooftop Solar Power

Advancements in technology have enabled consumers to install solar panels on their roofs more cheaply than ever before. This presents utility companies—which have for decades monopolized the energy markets—with new challenges.

Nuclear Energy

Which Way for Nuclear Energy?

Last updated: February 27, 2017 The United States generates about one fifth of its electricity from nuclear power, making it the country’s largest zero-emissions energy source. The national rate of nuclear power consumption has remained relatively constant since around 1990. …


Federal Changes to Coal Cleanup Funding

Coal use across the U.S. has declined, causing large coal companies to declare bankruptcy. In light of this, environmental groups have joined community organizations living near mines to hold coal companies accountable for the cost and cleanup of closed sites to …

Photo of a coal factory with a blue sky (Geoengineering)

Geoengineering Basics

Human Intervention and Climate Change The final installment of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) focuses on solutions and strategies for mitigating climate change. Some coverage of the report (called Working Group III or WGIII) has drawn attention to strategies …
Picture of Building between trees and blue sky

Energy Efficiency

Improving the Building Sector Buildings in the U.S. consume a great deal of energy, yet much of that energy is wasted through inefficency – windows or building ducts that leak heated or cooled air, lights and electric equipment that lose …