COP25 Chile Climate Change

COP25: Climate and Energy in Chile

COP25 Will Take Place in Spain, but Chile Will Lead Negotiations While the 2019 UN climate talks (COP25) are now taking place in Madrid, Chile retains the presidency of the negotiations. Chile’s constrained geography has left the country increasingly vulnerable …

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Delivered straight to your inbox every morning, Hot News summarizes the most important climate and energy news of the day, delivering an unmatched aggregation of timely, relevant reporting. It also provides original reporting and commentary on climate denial and pro-polluter …

COP25 Spain Madrid Climate Nexus

COP25: Energy and Climate Action in Spain

COP25 & Spain's Involvement Hosting COP25 is an excellent opportunity for Spain to showcase progress made on the energy transition since the socialists (PSOE) came to power in June 2018. Spain’s Minister for the Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, is determined …

2017 Climate Impacts Around the World

Following on from our list of Top 10 Climate Events in the U.S., we have compiled the list below of the biggest climate change impacts of 2017 across the globe. ICE RETREAT MARCHES TO THE POLES On July 12, after …

Country Climate Pledges

Country Climate Pledges

These are the intended nationally determined contributions (INDCs) that have been officially submitted to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Country Finance Pledges

Country Finance Pledges

National Pledges to the Green Climate Fund Countries listed in order of contribution magnitude. United States: $3 billion​ ​The largest single donor to the Green Climate Fund, the United States announced a $3 billion pledge (not to exceed 30 percent of …