Wyoming Climate and Energy Facts:

Wyoming is Vulnerable to Climate Change:

  • The National Climate Assessment found that the changing climate makes the northern Great Plains extremely vulnerable to excessive rainfall and less snow accumulation while adversely affecting the region’s agriculture due to more frequent and more intense droughts.    
  • Wyoming region is witnessing less snow cover in the Wind River Range because snow is melting earlier, leaving less time for snow accumulation.
  • In 2011, there were nearly 400 hospital admissions for asthma in the state. Pollution from coal-fired power plants exacerbates asthma.
  • Wyoming does not have any statewide plans to adapt to climate change.   
  • According to Yale’s Climate Opinion map, 55% of Wyoming adults think global warming is real and 48% are worried it will harm future generations.

Wyoming Opinions on Limiting Emissions and Investing in Renewable Energy: