Finance Media Monitor | 9.29.23


Despite being sued by former employees and insider trading accusations, Vivek Ramaswamy’s firm Strive made headlines for eclipsing over $1 billion in assets a few weeks ago, making the right-wing asset manager one of the biggest players in the small anti-ESG pond. While Vikek and Strive are most certainly doomed in the long run, it’s turning out to be a great way to make a lot of money. Senior Researcher Jesse Coleman at Documented explained it well: “There’s a really well-coordinated, large group of dark money political players that have spent the last two years creating this tempest in a teapot around climate issues. Then you have Ramaswamy and Strive, and to us, it looks like they’re trying to capitalize on that political momentum.” Grifters are going to grift.





  • Patrick McHenry shared an image: Chairman @GaryGensler is abusing his power to force a far-left climate and social agenda on the American people. Neither climate nor social policy is within the purview of the @SECGov and the @FinancialCmte will continue fighting to end #ESG mandates.
  • State Financial Officers Foundation posted: The realities and returns of the #ESGscam are becoming more apparent. We need to keep them out of public pensions, land trusts, permanent funds, and other public tax-based investment vehicles. @BlackRock ESG ETFs fail to shine over past 10 years