Finance Media Monitor | 9.28.23



A Trump-appointed Texas judge backed Biden’s ESG rule—which simply allows ESG investment factors to be considered in retirement funds—against a challenge by 26 red states. The judge argued that it’s not too different from its Trump-era predecessorRetirement law expert Andrew Oringer says there’s now been a tonal shift’ in conversation around ESG investments in 401(k) plans with ‘positive vibes’ and if fiduciaries feel the Department of Labor’s support, they’re more inclined to lean into ESG. While an appeal might be on the horizon, for now, the vibes are good for ESG.







  • Warren Davidson posted: Gary Gensler claims to recognize the authority of Congress & courts, yet his actions on the ESG disclosure rule say otherwise. Knock it off, @GaryGensler. Cease and desist now.
  • Jimmy Patronis posted: All these firms were for ESG before they were against ESG. Sold out retirees just to get the Left off their backs. (They liked the cocktail party invites I guess.) THEN Conservatives grew a backbone and called them out on it. Turns out these CEOs didn’t have a backbone either.
  • Victor Shi posted: I just heard Vivek Ramasawmy say that he endured hardship as a child. A simple Google search shows me that Vivek Ramsawamy’s dad was a patent attorney & mom was a doctor & that he also went to a private high school & then went to Harvard & Yale Law. Really, Vivek?
  • Elon Musk posted: Vivek is saying interesting things*

*no, he isn’t