Finance Media Monitor | 9.22.23



California’s leadership on climate risk disclosure and emissions reporting requirements is hitting all the right marks. After Gov. Newsom confirmed he’d sign the global-leading legislation earlier this week, SEC Chair Gensler indicated that it could make it easier for the agency to pass its own rules because it’s likely to “change some of the economic baselines.” If you’re reading between the lines, now is the time to get any post-California cost-benefit economic analysis into the SEC.

In other good news, a federal judge in Texas recently dismissed a legal challenge from 26 Republican-led states attempting to overturn a Biden Administration rule that allows retirement plans to take ESG factors into account. Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk has a history of conservative decisions, signifying that the legal challenges attempting to limit investors’ freedom lack merit. Despite the major blow to anti-ESG crusaders, an appeal to the ruling is likely. 





  • NowThis shared a video: Is your bank *making bank* on the climate crisis? We’re following the money trail on which financial institutions have contributed the most to fossil fuel funding.💰 (with @emorwee and @ariellesamuel)
  • Clara Vondrich shared an article: We have a right to know how much polluters pollute. This is a public harm so it must be public information. With @CAgovernor poised to sign bold new climate reforms, @SECGov just lost cover to avoid the same. Thanks @pkwsj for more excellent reporting.