Finance Media Monitor | 9.19.23



Almost 150 climate protesters were arrested in New York for blocking the Federal Reserve entrance in a call for financial regulators to curb fossil fuel funding. The act of civil disobedience—one of New York’s largest in a decade—followed Sunday’s estimated 75,000-person March to End Fossil Fuels, which urged Biden to phase out fossil fuels. The Fed protest adds to a growing push for climate accountability from central banks and financial regulators. The momentum continues today as protesters target Bank of America, the third largest financier of fossil fuels. 





  • New York Communities for Change shared a video: “No oil, no gas! Fossil fuels can kiss my a**!” Blocking the entrances to the @federalreserve as arrests happen. The Fed is SHUT DOWN. We need policies to protect the climate and communities, stop fossil fuels, not subsidies and bailouts for fossil fuels!
  • BankTrack shared a report: New 🚨 Banktrack & @Toxic_Bonds on why banks like @Barclays should stop underwriting @AdaniOnline  bonds 👇