Finance Media Monitor | 8.30.23



As summer recess comes to an end, five Republican lawmakers face scrutiny over their support for legislation that weakens investor protections, reduces transparency, blocks climate disclosure, and stifles shareholder rights. The Congressional Integrity Project released targeted digital ads in five districts that call out Reps. Steil (WI-1), Kim (CA-40), Lawler (NY-17), Nunn (IA-3) and De La Cruz (TX-15) for their attacks on responsible investing. 

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  • Crossroads with Joshua Phillips shared a video: BlackRock and Vanguard, once leading advocates for ESG (Environmental and Social Governance), are pulling back. Why? Shareholder demands and consumer disinterest are making it clear: the once-mighty ESG agenda is on its last legs. WATCH 👉 
  • Will Hild shared a link: 🚨@RepAndyBarr & @RileyMooreWV blast the ESG cartel, accusing them of undermining Americans’ trust in the free market: “ESG’s unchecked growth threatens the integrity of our financial services industry and the trust Americans place in the free market…”


  • September 17-24: Climate Group Climate Week NYC. View list of events here
  • September 19: Sustainable Investment Forum North America. Register here
  • September 20: UN Climate Ambition Summit.
  • September 25-26: Insure Our Future Campaigning Academy ’23. Complete this form by September 11th to express interest.