Finance Media Monitor | 8.28.23



Saudi Aramco is under United Nations investigation for potential human rights violations linked to climate change. The UN’s human rights and transnational corporates working group is examining allegations against the world’s biggest fossil-fuel producer, claiming Aramco has violated Paris Agreement goals in ways harmful to humanity. This follows a trend of litigation claiming climate harm, with the number of climate lawsuits rising to 2,341 in May 2023 from 190 a year earlier. While the UN has no legal authority to force Aramco to alter its business practices, this probe could pave the way for other parties to pursue litigation. 





  • Linda Grasso shared a graphic: ESG is a growing concern for private investors. As data and visibility improve and regulation becomes more refined, investors can expect increased scrutiny around sustainability targets. 
  • Positive Money US shared a link: BREAKING: over 70 organizations sent a letter to the @federalreserve & central bankers attending this year’s Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium. The ask is clear: ramp up action to address climate-related financial risks. #JacksonHole2023 


  • September 17-24: Climate Group Climate Week NYC. View list of events here
  • September 19: Sustainable Investment Forum North America. Register here
  • September 20: UN Climate Ambition Summit.