Finance Media Monitor | 8.09.23



Even as insurers cite climate risk as the reason for dropping out of volatile markets, a new report reveals U.S. insurers held $536 billion in fossil-fuel related assets in 2019. The report, conducted by Ceres, ERM, and Persefoni, found that the top 16 U.S. insurers held more than half of the grand total invested in the fossil-fuel industry. The top two U.S. property and casualty companies, Berkshire Hathaway and State Farm Insurance, owned 44%. These findings emphasize the hypocrisy of insurers profiting from both ends of the climate crisis while leaving many Americans without adequate coverage. 





  • Will Hild shared a link: BREAKING: S&P Global, one of the largest independent credit rating firms in the world, has dropped ESG scores from its debt ratings, after we exposed ESG for what it truly is: a scam used to force a political ideology onto the people.
  • Vivek Ramaswamy shared a video: It’s telling that Janet Yellen is pushing for the US to adopt CBDCs, begging Americans to keep up with the Jinpings. No. CBDCs are just the latest trojan horse of the Great Reset and are a clear path to a social credit system that will permanently embed ESG into our currency itself. The fact is the dollar will be *stronger* if we protect it from digitization.


  • August 23-25: Global Research Alliance on Sustainable Finance and Investment 2023 Annual Conference. Register here
  • August 24-26: The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City 2023 Economic Policy Symposium “Structural Shifts in the Global Economy.” 
  • September 17-24: Climate Group Climate Week NYC. View list of events here
  • September 20: UN Climate Ambition Summit.