Finance Media Monitor | 8.07.23



A recent Financial Times op-ed highlights three inherent inconsistencies within sustainable investing that make it difficult to implement effectively and consistently. 

1. Contradictions between ESG goals and actions: Recent events including the UK government’s decision to issue new North Sea oil and gas licenses contradict the fossil fuel policies of many banks.

2. Challenges in defining and measuring sustainability: Expanding regulation leads to challenges in weighting and morally evaluating different aspects of E, S, and G. 

3. Lack of clarity in ESG investment strategies: Lack of uniformity in how companies are evaluated on ESG performance leads to uncertainty about both profitability and ethical meaningfulness for investors, potentially exposing asset managers to class action lawsuits. 

These inconsistencies make it even more imperative to eliminate greenwashing and promote consistent, legible sustainable investing practices. 





  • Kentucky State Representative Josie Raymond shared a photo: Allison Ball was treasurer for 8 years – but if you ask me she did a terrible job – she never found the treasure! Allison is adamantly against ESG, a form of responsible investing. When asked why, she said, “I just think it’s creepy to read people’s minds.”
  • Sanjeev Sanyal shared a link: Joe Rogan show discusses how ESG Ratings are a tool of global control in the hands of a very small cabal. Exactly what I have been arguing.


  • August 23-25: Global Research Alliance on Sustainable Finance and Investment 2023 Annual Conference. Register here
  • August 24-26: The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City 2023 Economic Policy Symposium “Structural Shifts in the Global Economy.” 
  • September 17-24: Climate Group Climate Week NYC. View list of events here
  • September 20: UN Climate Ambition Summit.