Finance Media Monitor | 8.03.23



“Climate cartel” has become a popular anti-climate action buzzword both on social media and in the halls of power. A new Fortune op-ed refutes these false accusations, stating climate alliances are permissible under U.S. antitrust law as they focus on collaborative activities, information sharing, and voluntary standard setting. Authors Cynthia Hanawalt and Denise Hearn, who recently published a report on the subject, point out the hypocrisy of Republican attacks funded by the industry that incubates the real cartels. This Fortune piece adds to a growing chorus of experts who say there is no legal antitrust case. 

We don’t expect this issue to go away anytime soon, so if you are a legal expert—or know a good one—and want to talk to the media, please reach out.





  • Sheldon Whitehouse shared a link: The “Republican Party’s furious opposition to ESG […] being pushed by the very industries who make billions of dollars selling those fuels” is yet another sign that this scam is more fossil fuel mischief.
  • The Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party shared a video: “When you consider what @BlackRockhas been lecturing us about, which is so-called ‘ESG investing’… The Chinese Communist Party is terrible when it comes to the ‘E’, the ‘S’, and the ‘G’. If the ‘G’ stands for anything, it should stand for genocide.” -@RepGallagher


  • August 23-25: Global Research Alliance on Sustainable Finance and Investment 2023 Annual Conference. Register here
  • August 24-26: The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City 2023 Economic Policy Symposium “Structural Shifts in the Global Economy.” 
  • September 17-24: Climate Group Climate Week NYC. View list of events here
  • September 20: UN Climate Ambition Summit.