Finance Media Monitor | 10.20.23


Sierra Club sent a new supplemental comment letter to the SEC today, reminding the commission that millions of investors are still being misled by fund managers’ ESG marketing and urging the agency to finalize the proposed ESG Disclosure Rule. “The SEC must finalize strong rules to ensure that investors are not being deceived and that asset managers are backing their climate-related marketing with real action,” said Ben Cushing, director of the club’s finance campaign. 

Check it out in Politico’s Morning Money and amplify it on social media here and here. While the SEC may have not included ESG in its 2024 exam priorities, the agency is assuring investors that it’s still top of mind.






  • Sierra Club’s Ben Cushing tweeted: Investors are understandably growing concerned by climate risks to their life savings. Fund managers are too often capitalizing on these worries with vague or misleading marketing that puts a green veneer on business-as-usual. @SECGov needs to act now:
  • John Kostyack tweeted a thread: This proposed ESG Disclosure rule is a big opportunity for the SEC to help investors distinguish between fund managers that are implementing strategies climate-related financial risks and opportunities, and those that are just faking it.


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