Finance Media Monitor | 10.19.23


The European Union is considering a delay in some of its ESG rules over concerns they’re too burdensome for industry. Certain elements of the European Sustainability Reporting Standards could be pushed off for two years in an attempt to make sure European companies “remain competitive,” according to Bloomberg.

Combined with the absence of ESG as a priority at the SEC next year and the agency’s long-delayed climate risk disclosure rule, there’s a danger politicians and policy makers on both sides of the Atlantic are losing appetite for further regulation amid high interest rates and energy prices, the looming threat of recession, and wars in Ukraine and the Middle East.






  • Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton tweeted: I will continue to vigorously enforce our laws that prevent taxpayer funds from going to companies whose ‘ESG’ policies harm Texans or key Texas industries.
  • Ceres News Senior Director Chris Fox tweeted: “E, S and G — environmental, social and governance — really just encapsulate long-term business risks…It’s part of our fiduciary duty as long-term investors…I want to consider these. I want companies to consider these” – @CalSTRS CIO
  • Bloomberg Senior Columnist Merryn Somerset Webb tweeted: The end game. #ESG collapses under the weight of it’s inability to define itself. Turns out it was yet another function of luxury interest rates.


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