Finance Media Monitor | 10.18.23


Check out this new podcast on responsible investing crafted by the minds behind the popular Climate Town YouTube channel. This episode delves deep into the ESG space and the myths and misconceptions surrounding it. Please give it a listen and share it within your network. 

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Episode Description: “Have you ever been perplexed by the maze of ESG information and the surrounding misinformation? If so, this episode is for you. Listen as the astute comedians, Rollie Williams (Climate Town) and Nicole Conlan (The Daily Show), demystify the topic with humor and precision. Their show, “The Climate Denier’s Playbook,” has been instrumental in debunking climate myths, and this episode promises to shed light on the many facets of ESG in an entertaining manner.”





  • Steve Milloy posted: Gensler’s original proposal was DOA from Day 1. It would not have survived its first encounter with a court. But good to see Charlie still carrying water for ESG-loving Larry Fink, who has had to hire lobbyists in every red state to oppose anti-ESG legislation. 
  • Charles Gasparino posted: SCOOP: BlackRock’s Larry Fink urged SEC Chair Gensler to back off some of ESG policies, saying he should tone down intensity. This plus 15K+ comments on the climate disclosure proposal has caused Gensler to rethink scope of proposal. More now @LizClaman.


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