Finance Media Monitor | 10.02.23


Expanded labor strikes in the auto industry are driving Republican attacks on President Biden’s climate agenda. While Donald Trump accused Biden of sending autoworkers to the unemployment lines, other candidates focused on the strikes in the second Republican primary debate, and some GOP legislators have called for cuts to Inflation Reduction Act clean energy tax credits. Some striking workers aren’t buying Republican sympathy, with United Auto Workers President Shawn Fain saying that Trump doesn’t have “any bit of care about what our workers stand for, what the working class stands for.” Nevertheless, tension over labor standards and new technologies in the auto industry is projected to only increase as America approaches the 2024 elections. 






  • DataRade quoted a tweet: There’s ~130 oil refineries in the USA. Last one was built in 2021 and began operating in 2022. The new ESG regulations make Texas wealthier, they will basically require more Oil and Gas than ever before for every EV mile traveled and CO2 unit that is supposedly minimized.
  • London Business School shared an article: “(It) does a good job of highlighting the folly in simple claims like ‘ESG investing outperforms, period.” LBS’s @aedmans responds to new research showing ESG-informed exchange-traded funds investing, has not outperformed the market- in the @FinancialTimes