Arkansas is Vulnerable to Climate Change:

  • The National Climate Assessment found that the changing climate makes the Southeast region extremely vulnerable to sea level rise, extreme heat events and hurricanes. Changing rainfall patterns and higher evaporation rate will make water scarcity a dire issue.
  • In the past thirty years, an average year in Arkansas saw 19 days with temperatures about 95°F. By mid-century, that number is expected to rise to as many as 82 such days, according to Risky Business. That would increase the number of deaths from extreme heat to as many as 550 every year by 2040-2059, more than the number of auto fatalities in Arkansas in 2013.
  • Arkansas, home to climate refugees from Marshall Islands, has itself seen at least 27 major disasters due to flooding, severe weather, and hurricanes since the year 2000. These sorts of events are exacerbated by climate change.  
  • Arkansas has no statewide plans to adapt to climate change underway.   

Energy Efforts and Opinions in Arkansas: