Finance Media Monitor | 9.21.23



The SEC approved the new Investment Company Names Rule on a 4-1 vote yesterday. The rule aims to help rein in ‘greenwashing’ by investment funds where a fund’s name falsely suggests investment in companies meets certain environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria. It’s an important first step, but a key provision was omitted: investment firms can still use ESG-related terminology for funds that merely consult ESG metrics. See BlackRock’s Sustainable Advantage Large Cap Fund and this report by As You Sow for more examples. Chair Gensler said the commission is still considering including it in the pending ESG disclosure rule. 





  • Corporate Accountability tweeted: Our new investigation with @GuardianUS reveals nearly 80% of the top 50 voluntary carbon credit projects are likely junk. And instead of addressing the climate crisis, these offsets may fuel further emissions and cause harm. #FalseSolutions 
  • Newsmax tweeted: DISNEY’S DOWNFALL– Indiana Republican Sen. Mike Braun told NEWSMAX that Disney’s appeasement to ESG scores and its falling stock price make it a risk to potential investors.