Finance Media Monitor | 9.20.23



Skyrocketing property insurance premiums burden Americans across the country, yet a new report says premiums aren’t rising fast enough to accurately reflect climate risk. An estimated 39 million US homes are insured at suppressed prices compared to actual climate risk, and nearly 6.8 million of those are covered by state-backed “insurer of last resort” policies, according to First Street Foundation. This “insurance bubble” can be attributed to an overreliance on state-subsidized policies as well as state regulations that limit how much companies can raise rates in a given year, the report said. Many experts say insurance rates will continue to rise until we reduce fossil fuel emissions.  





  • GasLeaksAction shared a photo: 🗽🌇 Gas Leaks is in NYC for Climate Week to help get the truth out there: “Natural” gas and LNG are planet-warming methane, and banks like Bank of America must stop funding this climate disaster. @RAN #LNGisMethane #SayNoToLNG #MethaneisMalicious #MethaneLeaks #NoLNG
  • Kate Levick tweeted: Yellenthere is evidence that climate change has created substantial financial impacts, firms risk being left with stranded assets. Treasury identified a need for better clarity around best practice for net zero commitments and transition plans, and decided to intervene.