West Virginia

Climate and Energy Polling in West Virginia:

  • The latest Gallup poll reveals that at 64 percent, serious concern for global warming is at an eight-year high across the country.
  • 54 percent of West Virginia adults understand global warming is already happening and a little less than half recognize that it is caused mostly by humans.
  • A strong 75 percent support funding research into renewable energy resources while 67 percent favor regulating CO2 as a pollutant.

West Virginia’s Energy Profile:

West Virginia is Vulnerable to Climate Change:

  • The Northeast region is susceptible to heat waves, increased rain events and flash flooding.
  • By 2050, southwest West Virginia could experience more than 60 additional days of above 90°F per year compared with last century.
  • At present, 9 percent of West Virginia adults suffer from asthma. High levels of ground-level ozone and fine particulate matter common in coal plant emissions, both of which are produced in tandem with other greenhouse gases, are strongly linked to a rise in asthma attacks.
  • Earlier this year, the state House of Delegates voted to block implementation of new science standards because they included lessons on climate change.