Mission + Role

Climate Nexus is a strategic communications group dedicated to highlighting the wide-ranging impacts of climate change and clean energy solutions in the United States.

Since its founding in 2011, Climate Nexus has drawn upon established and emerging science to personalize and localize the climate and energy story through work with the media, relevant NGOs and other thought leaders. With backgrounds spanning the fields of environmental science, traditional and digital media, public affairs, corporate sustainability, consulting, environmental policy, and documentary filmmaking, we bring a diverse set of skills to the greater science, technology, public health and environmental communities. 

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We believe that the human cost of climate change is too great to ignore.

Transitioning to a clean energy economy is good for the health, wealth and well being of our economy and society. And in winning the climate and energy fight, the U.S. can strengthen its global position, bolster national security, and achieve energy independence.

We aim to move the conversation from a debate to a robust search for solutions. We personalize and localize the human and community impacts of climate change. We use science to support our stories, not as the story itself. We are flexible and dedicated to acting upon critical new moments as they arise. And we are a harmonizing voice in a community of multiple priorities.

We work with relevant NGOs, institutions, and other key influencers on climate change and energy issues to raise awareness, dispel misinformation, and showcase solutions in the U.S. We exist to help our partners achieve their goals: improving media relations, reaching new audiences, launching an online marketing campaign, organizing an event, coordinating activities across the larger community, and anything else they might need.

Climate Nexus is a sponsored project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, a 501(c)3 organization