U.S. Coastal Cities Show Strong Support for Offshore Wind

Offshore Wind and Whales: How Fossil Fuel Networks Are Spreading Disinformation and How the Offshore Wind Industry is Working to Protect Marine Wildlife 

Marine scientists have affirmed that there have been no instances of whale deaths that could be credibly linked to U.S. offshore wind development. But anti-offshore wind actors with documented ties to the oil & gas industry has been swift to exploit these tragedies to halt offshore wind and protect fossil fuel profits.

U.S. Coastal Cities Show Strong Support for Offshore Wind

Why the Rise in Offshore Wind Costs is Temporary

Despite the short-term concerns, the offshore wind sector is well positioned to weather the challenges and come out delivering affordable, reliable energy along with myriad climate, health, and economic benefits as the U.S. industry matures.

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COP25: Energy and Climate Action in Spain

COP25 & Spain's Involvement Hosting COP25 is an excellent opportunity for Spain to showcase progress made on the energy transition since the socialists (PSOE) came to power in June 2018. Spain’s Minister for the Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, is determined …