An electric vehicle drives through a snowstorm at nighttime

EVs & Cold Weather Performance

While subfreezing temperatures affect how far any vehicle can travel, many EVs have unique capabilities that can help drivers cope with chilly temperatures.

Electric Vehicles and the Power Grid 2023

National laboratories, utilities, and pilot projects have all found that electric vehicles (EVs) can be integrated into power grids in ways that benefit communities and vehicle owners while improving grid reliability and resilience. With five U.S. states now committed to …
Woman charing electric cars connected to power grid

Electric Car and Truck Charging, Explained

What are some charging and equity considerations? Low-income communities and communities of color disproportionately feel the impacts of vehicle pollution and can benefit the most from the clean air and cost-saving benefits of electric cars and trucks. Yet, as more …

Electric Cars and the Power Grid

Electric car (EV) sales are predicted to surge in 2021 as China and the European Union tighten emissions standards and calls for all-electric auto markets emerge in the U.S. In September 2020, California announced plans to phase out the sale …