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IPCC Oceans & Cryosphere Report Author Quotes Read IPCC Oceans & Cryosphere Report key takeaways here.   “Taken together, these changes show that the world's ocean and cryosphere have been taking the heat for climate change for decades. The consequences …
Ocean Acidification

Ocean Acidification

Ocean acidification threatens the marine food web and coastal communities.

U.S. Coastal Cities Show Strong Support for Offshore Wind

Offshore Wind and Whales: How Fossil Fuel Networks Are Spreading Disinformation and How the Offshore Wind Industry is Working to Protect Marine Wildlife 

Marine scientists have affirmed that there have been no instances of whale deaths that could be credibly linked to U.S. offshore wind development. But anti-offshore wind actors with documented ties to the oil & gas industry has been swift to exploit these tragedies to halt offshore wind and protect fossil fuel profits.

Finance Media Monitor | 10.16.23

SPOTLIGHT The European Banking Authority is revising the framework that sets industry-wide capital requirements for lenders, known as Pillar 1, to incorporate environmental and social risks. These rules will likely impact high-emitting sectors like oil, gas, cement, steel, and mining.While the EU is making progress …


MEET THE CLIMATE NEXUS TEAM Olivia AmitayAssociate for Projects and Partnerships Read bio As an Associate for the Projects and Partnerships Team, Olivia Amitay works to craft an effective climate finance communication strategy. She has approached climate communications from a …

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COP25 Chile Climate Change

COP25: Climate and Energy in Chile

COP25 Will Take Place in Spain, but Chile Will Lead Negotiations While the 2019 UN climate talks (COP25) are now taking place in Madrid, Chile retains the presidency of the negotiations. Chile’s constrained geography has left the country increasingly vulnerable …
Catastrophic Flooding

Hurricane Dorian August 2019

Hurricane Dorian is the fifth Atlantic hurricane in four years to reach Category 5 strength and is one of the strongest hurricanes ever recorded in the Atlantic basin. Dorian made its initial landfall at Elbow Cay, Abacos, in the Bahamas …
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Climate Change Polling Partnership Climate Nexus, in partnership with the Yale University Program on Climate Change Communication and the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication, conducts polling on climate change, public policy and the energy transition.   View …