Clean Power Plan

Fact-Checking Clean Power Plan Claims

Now that it is finalized, the Clean Power Plan will be an important part of the public discussion on climate change. Unfortunately, some claims may stray from the truth, so we’ve compiled some resources to make fact-checking easier.

Climate Change

The Candidate’s Guide to Climate Change

Climate change is no longer a niche political issue. Recent events such as the drought in California and Superstorm Sandy have brought extreme weather to the forefront, and people are searching for information on climate and weather connections. Voters, reporters and debate moderators are increasingly asking questions about climate change.


Synthesis Report

The final installment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) Fifth Assessment Report …

Sea Levels

Sea Level Rise

Sea levels are rising rapidly Sea levels have risen between eight to ten inches …

Fossil Fuel Companies

The world’s largest oil and gas companies have sky-high budgets, top scientists in their employ, and an incentive to plan for the long term due to their massive investments in permanent infrastructure. They are neither altruistic nor clueless, and they are taking climate change seriously. This includes planning ahead for a future with strong climate policies

Climate Sensitivity

Climate Sensitivity

One thing scientists are still working to figure out is exactly how much warming each ton of CO2 causes. This is called the climate’s “sensitivity” to CO2.