California is vulnerable to increasing heat, melting snowpack, droughts, sea level rise and wildfires California’s climate is already changing. Southern California has warmed about three degrees Fahrenheit in the last century and the rest of the state is becoming warmer. …

Nationwide, Editorial Boards Weigh In on Climate Rule

Following President Obama’s announcement of his landmark climate change regulations, many of the nation’s news outlets have weighed in on the Clean Power Plan. From Des Moines to New York City, editorial boards at news publications large and small have …
Atmospheric River Storm

The Climate Context of California’s Atmospheric River Storm

With the drought-causing high-pressure zone dubbed the “Ridiculously Resilient Ridge” pushed aside for now, a powerful storm associated with what are called “atmospheric rivers” is currently drenching the California Bay Area. Atmospheric rivers are relatively narrow, long streams of clouds and atmospheric water vapor that are associated with major storms in the Pacific.