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Voters Want U.S. to Invest in Water

Image of the water pumping plant "Dos Amigos" | Nexus Media Polls

Following the passage of the coronavirus relief bill, lawmakers and advocates are calling for the U.S. to invest billions America’s public water systems.

As the Biden administration readies new legislation to push for trillions in infrastructure investments and America’s climate response, we released a new poll to help us better understand voter’s opinions about water infrastructure priorities in the President’s plan to Build Back Better. Some key findings:

  • More than 3 in 4 voters (77%) support pausing water shutoffs for families behind on their water bills during the pandemic.
  • 78% of voters across the country support increasing federal spending on water infrastructure. Water infrastructure investments are popular with a majority of voters, regardless of political party affiliation. (88% of Democrats, 69% of Republicans, and 67% of Independents say they support increasing federal water infrastructure spending.)
  • More than 9 in 10 (93%) voters believe fixing outdated and unsafe drinking water systems should be a priority for President Biden’s economic stimulus plans.
  • 65% of voters say the government should prioritize communities with the greatest need, including those currently living with unsafe water, rather than distributing funds equally to all communities (35%).
  • Voters believe increasing federal spending on water infrastructure will have a positive impact on public health (74%), the environment (71%), and jobs in the U.S. (65%)