Girls Drinking_water_from_pipe | Climate Nexus Polling

National Voter Poll on Water

A poll of 2,184 registered voters in the U.S. about drinking and wastewater infrastructure.

Image of the water pumping plant "Dos Amigos" | Nexus Media Polls

Voters Want U.S. to Invest in Water

A survey of 1,624 U.S. voters on threats to water safety and support for equitable federal investment in water infrastructure.

Wind mild in the middle of a field with mountains in the brackground to portray China's clean energy | Climate Nexus Polls

China, Climate Change, and Clean Energy

Polling conducted in August of 2020 reports that American voters hold a positive and very pragmatic view on working with China to make the clean energy transition and limit global warming

Image of a $100 bill submerged in water to express support of stimulus funding for water programs | Climate Nexus Polls

National Poll Shows Broad Support for Water Solutions

A survey of 1,984 registered U.S. voters on support for stimulus funding for water programs and concerns about water pollution, as well as opinions on a United States-China partnership on clean energy and climate change.