Temporary Broadcast Associate, Media Relations

Concern about climate change among Americans keeps rising. Wildfires, extreme heat waves, historic storms, dire scientific reports, bold national policy proposals, and a surge of environmental activism worldwide have pushed climate change into the public consciousness in a new way. Climate change emerged as a major issue in the 2020 elections with voters considering it a top priority. Although TV networks included climate change in presidential debates, and TV reporters continue to cover extreme weather, broadcast newsrooms have been slow to connect the dots for audiences about the multiple impacts that the climate crisis has on various parts of our lives, such as public health, the economy, housing, food, transportation, and so on.

This is a remote position, with the possible option to work out of an office in New York City or Washington, DC if and when it is safe for offices to re-open.

The Broadcast Associate will be responsible for assisting the Senior Manager for Broadcast Media Relations to increase coverage of climate change and its impacts on national TV (network and cable) news. The Broadcast Associate will help with the execution of several deliverables, including:

  • Build relationships & media outreach: Develop relationships with news bookers, reporters and producers and help keep our media contact database current.
  • Develop story pitches and other broadcast media resources: Pitching reporters and producers as news breaks, and pitch segments and guests regularly.
  • Monitor upcoming and daily news media opportunities: Monitor political shows and newscasts and the news cycle and identify pitching opportunities.
  • Assist with media tracking: Log media clips and relevant other climate coverage
  • Help organize media workshops: Help organize and support a series of gatherings, such as webinars and salons bringing together reporters and climate/energy experts in NYC and DC.


The ideal candidate:

  • Has a strong understanding of how network and cable TV newsrooms function.
  • Has a minimum of two years experience booking, producing or reporting for TV news.
  • Has experience and confidence working and pitching within the news cycle and responding to breaking news.
  • Is interested in climate change, and/or knows how to tie key climate issues to news of the day.
  • Communicates effectively with a range of professional audiences and across cultural differences.


  • Is resilient, able to bounce back in the face of challenges.
  • Is highly-motivated and takes initiative, not afraid to pick up the phone and call a producer.
  • Is a self-starter who can work well independently and in collaboration with a team.


Competitive compensation, commensurate with experience, between $50-70,000 depending on the preferred employment structure and whether the candidate elects to enroll in benefits or not. Option to freelance: 20+ hours per week minimum. Competitive hourly rate negotiable, or; Full/Part-time staff working minimum of 30 hours per week to receive the staff benefits package, including paid personal and sick leave; standard health, dental & vision packages; employer contributions to 401k; commuter transit benefit. Minimum salary of $50k, negotiable based on experience. The position is temporary, for a one-year term based on current grants, with a possibility to continue if funding is extended.


Email your cover letter and a resume to [email protected].

Interested applicants should submit applications as soon as possible, with a deadline of January 8th, 2021.

Please include your name + “Broadcast Associate application” in the subject line of your email.

Due to the volume of applications we receive, we cannot reply to all submissions. We will contact applicants directly with requests for interviews. Please do not inquire about the status of your application.