Antarctic Warming

Antarctic ice loss will cause catastrophic sea level rise Despite being the coldest place …

Season Creep

Climate change is disrupting the natural cycle of seasons Climate change forces spring to …

Sea Level Rise

Sea levels are rising rapidly Sea levels have risen between eight to ten inches …

Arctic Sea Ice

Climate change is a key driver of Arctic Sea Ice decline Sea ice in …

Ocean Acidification

Ocean acidification threatens the marine food web and coastal communities.

Extreme Heat

One of the clearest findings of climate science is that global warming amplifies the intensity, duration and frequency of extreme heat events.


Wildfire season has gotten almost 20 percent longer over the past 35 years worldwide as a result of rising global temperatures and fewer rainy days.

El Niño

El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is a large-scale ocean-atmosphere interaction in the tropical Pacific Ocean. ENSO consists of oscillations between a warm phase (El Niño) and a cool phase (La Niña).