A Heartfelt Thank You From The Climate Nexus Team

A Heartfelt Thank You From The Climate Nexus Team

Dear Friends,

With the closure of Climate Nexus on June 21, we are reflecting on the body of work and relationships we have built over the past 13 years.

Our behind-the-scenes approach combined deep issue expertise with sharp communications strategy to serve scientists, frontline leaders, medical experts, economists, historians, policy wonks, artists, advocates, faith leaders, researchers, lawyers, elected officials, writers, kids, parents, and grandparents, and so many other bright and brilliant people dedicated to and passionate about the climate crisis. 

It has been an honor to collaborate with you to strengthen the public understanding of climate change as a here-and-now crisis, as well as the promise of renewable energy and the imperative of an equitable energy transition, all helping to propel a historic shift in the trajectory of the climate movement and policy-making in the U.S. 

We are a deeply bonded team, and we are proud of our extraordinary track record, which includes contributions to historic moments like the Paris Agreement, the formation of the We Are Still In coalition, massive, youth-driven mobilizations, as well as under-the-hood shifts in how policymakers, newsrooms, and others address climate change and the energy transition.

It’s a testament to the work we all did together that the climate change landscape looks very different today than it did in 2011. We are grateful to have had our role to play, and we look forward to contributing to the climate fight in new ways as we face new challenges and opportunities.

With great respect, appreciation, and hope for the future,

The Climate Nexus Team