Climate science is complicated, and no one can be an expert on everything. These backgrounders put climate science and policy into clear language for lay readers. For an even more concise dose of science, check out our Quick Facts

Your basic Climate 101.
Climate Primer

Fossil fuel companies are planning for climate change now – both in terms of physical impacts, and the costs of restricting their own carbon output. When will world leaders catch up?
Fossil Fuels and Climate

Many CEOs of major multinational corporations are taking climate change seriously. Learn which businesses are protecting their bottom lines by planning ahead for a climate change future.
Businesses Invest In Climate Action

What action has India taken on addressing climate change? Find out what new Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done so far.
Modi on Climate

El Niño is a complicated phenomenon that affects weather around the world. Scientists are also studying its connections to climate change.
El Niño Background

Antarctica is often less talked about than the Arctic in the context of climate change. That’s because it’s more complicated and we know less about it. To see what we DO know, check out this backgrounder.
Climate Change in Antarctica

Oil pipelines, and especially the Keystone XL pipeline, remain a major topic of debate. Central to the approval of Keystone XL is the question of whether it would cause emissions to increase over what would be emitted using rail transport. Independent economic analyses say it would.
Crude By Rail

World leaders have agreed we should limit warming to two degrees. So how much carbon can we actually emit, and still meet that goal? And when will we exceed those limits if we don’t curb our emissions? Read on for the answers.
Carbon Budget

The question of how global warming is affecting the jet stream, and how this in turn is affecting extreme weather, is an important new area of research. Learn what’s been discovered so far.
The Jet Stream

Increasingly frequent and intense extreme weather events, coupled with earlier and longer springs and increased levels of air pollution, pose serious consequences for human health and well-being.
Climate Change and Public Health

The Mississippi River looms large in the American consciousness for reasons literary and functional. But the Big Muddy and its surrounding communities are in trouble. As climate change drives up global temperatures around the world and across the U.S., some types of extreme weather are becoming more intense and more frequent.
Mississippi Weather Whiplash

“Phenology” is a scientific word for the timing of biological events. Gardeners and hobbyists in the United States have helped advance our knowledge of phenology by noticing spring arriving earlier. Read on for more about phenology as well as other ways that climate change affects gardeners.
Gardening and Climate Change

Arctic sea ice is one of the most visible indicators of our changing climate- here’s what we know about it.
Sea Ice Backgrounder

Climate signals include the record-breaking rains that drove the 2011 Nashville flood, the ongoing drought conditions in the Southwest, and the summer-like temperatures of March 2012. Here is a guide that breaks down extreme weather climate signals and the science behind them.
Climate Signals

Agenda-driven groups like ALEC are targeting classroom science standards. Learn what’s going on.
Denial in the Classroom